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Story Telling for Business Report

Story Telling for Business Report

How businesses get customer’s attention has changed significantly. There is a shift, among consumers and decision-makers, from the overreliance on old-fashioned sales promises and standard banner ads. With the rate at which competition is rising, it is becoming extremely hard for businesses to draw customers’ attention through television ads or shiny billboards.


Modern consumers are interested in your brand ‘narrative’, which apparently, is more than your USP or even a sales pitch. It is your brand’s voice, your background and identity. The right narrative will help prospects and customers understand your brand from a different perspective, and that is why modern marketers are considering storytelling as a marketing tool.


In this informational .pdf guide we cover:


Storytelling Examples That Have Worked

Does Storytelling in Marketing Work?

  • Customer Motivation
  • Makes Brands Memorable
  • Attitude, Opinion, and Brain Chemistry
  • Build Trust and Relationships
  • Creating Neuro-Associations


Should You Use Images in Storytelling?


Involving and Connecting with Customers Through Storytelling


Where to Use Storytelling in Marketing

Should You Use Videos in Storytelling?


Trends in Storytelling for Marketing Your Business

How to Utilize Storytelling in Person

  • Focus On Your Body Language
  • Emotions Spark and Connect
  • Incorporate The 5C’s Of Effective Storytelling
  • Hook Your Audience With What Matters


How to Master Storytelling

  • Start By Understanding Your Audience
  • Establish Your Purposes For Telling The Story
  • Craft An Engaging Message
  • Be Persuasive


What to Avoid When Using Storytelling in Marketing

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