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Own The Pond Academy

Every urban entrepreneur deserves to be economically empowered!


Inner cities are facing unprecedented challenges. Cycles of poverty and crime are ravaging the lives of the next generation.


That’s why we’ve launched an inner city entrepreneurship program called Shift. A 16-week entrepreneurship incubator designed to train, mentor, and resource entrepreneurs to shift into an entrepreneurial mindset.


We envision thousands of inner city entrepreneurs once apart of the problem now a part of the solution by launching and scaling successful and viable businesses.


Every inner city entrepreneur deserves to be successful and in control of their future.

Why Own The Pond Academy?

  • 16 weeks of step by step entrepreneurial mindset training from 

  • Access to community entrepreneurs and mentors to help you along your journey

  • Creative ways to help you gain traction on the resources you need to start a business

What We Do

We train, mentor, and resource inner city entrepreneurs. 
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Next Steps

Apply, Interview, Start



- 200+ Entrepreneurs served

- 40+ Businesses Launched

- 1.5 Million a Year in Revenue

- 60% Women & 40% Men


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