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Ready to start and scale your first business...?

Give me just 60 minutes to unpack for you just how easy it is to go from zero to start.

(You don't have to have a business degree, or be a professional to go from zero to start

a new business! You just need to know HOW to get started!!!!!!)

Who Are We

Quickly START your business, make MONEY,  and 

CHANGE your life!

Zero To Start Online Webinar Starts July 1st at 9am!

WAIT! Download my new book Zero To Start after you
register. It's a great compliment to the zero to start webinar.

WARNING This Zero To Start Webinar
will help you launch a company in no time!

We are excited to help you move from Zero to Start in your business venture. In this online webinar you can expect to learn the exact shifts that entrepreneurs make to start and scale successful companies. You will be guided through a opportunity discovery journey that will allow you to quickly determine how viable your idea is to start a business. Then, we will land our time with an exciting opportunity to help you scale faster as a new entrepreneur.  Please be sure to register and join our Own The Pond Community where the online webinar will be taking place July 1st at 9am. 

Don't forget to download my new book "From Zero To Start" before our free webinar begins! You'll thank me later that you did!

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